Life's Connection is offering groundbreaking, life changing support for families who lost their precious baby at anytime in their pregnancy . ​ Here they find support before, during and after the loss. If their child passes away after 20 weeks gestation Life's Connection will help connect them to a church and/or a funeral home for burial.

If the child is lost before 20 weeks in pregnancy Life's Connection offers Miscarriage Aids and Burial kits, services and burial for the baby and a sacred holding site at two locations that will hold the baby's remains until burial.

All lives are precious and at Life's Connection we believe that they their precious remains should be given a proper burial.  

We invite  you to financially support this program and change the world!

More about our services offered:   
Burial Vessels and miscarriage aids
Sacred Holding Site for baby's remains
Burial Services for miscarried  and stillborn babies
One on One Mentoring with someone who has experienced this loss

About Miscarriage                                             

Miscarriage (loss of a child before 20 weeks of pregnancy) has touched the lives of millions of families. Unfortunately this crisis leaves women and men to grieve alone. This loss is significant.  Our  community cares and is partnering with Life’s Connection to walk the journey with you.  Life’s Connection offers hope and healing before during and after the loss of your baby. You are not alone. 

How can Life’s Connection help?

  • Provides a safe place that you can share your loss.
  • Caring mentors walk the journey of loss with you and can assist with doctor’s visits, hospital visits, funeral planning, pastoral care, memorial services, bereavement, and remembrance of your child. 
  • Offering miscarriage delivery aids for those families who know that they will lose their child at home or have a planned D&C during a miscarriage. A burial vessel then provides a place for your child's precious remains for later burial. 
  • Life’s Connection has been vested by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, a sacred holding site for the remains of miscarried babies until the time of burial.
  • Memorial and Committal Service  assistance
  • Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Loss Keepsakes and Mementos
  • Certificate of Remembrance 
  • Post Miscarriage support

Please call Life’s Connection at 262-470-3119  or 262-290-5433 for information
We invite  you to financially support this program and change the world!

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