Life's Connection is reaching out to even more mom's and dad's in order save souls and change the world! 

Life's Connection's LIFE HELPLINE  is busier then ever! Our worldwide helpline reaches thousands of women a month and our caring counselors walk the journey of an unexpected pregnancy with them giving them hope and love.  We are offering  a program for those who want to fund at least one day of the LIFE HELPLINE. Abortion minded women need help at all times, day and night. We are here to help. Your gift of $400, either in a full payment or in 12 monthly installments of $33, you will cover the entire expense of LIFE HELPLINE  for 24 hours so they can get the help and information they need the very moment they reach out! Please help us....

You can sponsor:

1 Day = $400

Or set up a recurring donation:

1 day per year = $33 month

All Contributions are tax-deductibl

Thank you !