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Life Saving Ultrasound 

307 S. Rochester St  Mukwonago WI 53149



Because of Life's Connection we now have a place to turn when we are told our precious child has died or an imminent loss is approaching. 

This program allows families to meet for help and support, plan for the loss, provides a sacred holding site for the child's body before burial, provides burial support, offers tangible aids in hope and healing.

Our mentors  have been through this loss and who better to walk the journey than with a compassionate LC mentor?



Care Program 

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Every smile beautifies a community.

Every LIFE brings joy and hope!

Without the gift of ultrasound many young men and women would not choose life for their unborn baby. 

This truly is the "Window to the Womb" and our state-of-the art equipment allows LIFE to be viewed in its full beauty and truth!

Our Ultrasound and Care Programs have saved over 200 babies thus far!

Help us build this strong program!

Free Pregnancy Testing

STD testing

Baby Boutique

Childbirth and Parenting Education

​Natural Family Planning

Mentoring and Crisis Care


This program is VITAL in not only bringing life into the world but to build families that become strong members of the community.

This is where we bring hope, healing, love and support to our part of the world.

It takes a team of dedicated donors and volunteers to make sure our two locations are reaching out to as many communities as it can so people everywhere have access to our free life changing and life saving services. We're fortunate to have some of the best dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause. Won't you consider supporting our mission and be part of this miraculous work? 
Your donations help support our clients and our mission Below are a few programs we are featuring this month:

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