We gratefully accept your tax deductible donation in these ways:

1. Send your tax deductible donation to:         307 S Rochester St.  Mukwonago Wi 53149               

2. Give a one time or recurring  donation  


3. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer from checking/savings

      Call   262-470 3119


4. Stocks, Mutual funds
If you own stocks purchased or inherited
some years ago, it may be advisable for

you to reduce your tax liability by donating them now. The tax deduction you claim will be for the value of the instrument at the time of donation, not your cost or the value at the time it came into possession.

5. Charitable Trusts
Our HELP center will provide financial assistance in setting up these trusts to provide income tax deductions today and a current monthly income.

6. Tax Free IRA distributions for charitable giving 

More ways to support this life giving mission:

Prayer is essential to every aspect of our work. Through your prayer you are helping Life's Connection to seek God's will, connect with families in need as well as those who are willing and able to help the men, women and children of our community.

Share our Mission
To help us reach our goal to serve more men, women, children and babies in our community, please share our mission and our work with others.
Ways to share with others- Share our mission by talking with friends and family about our efforts, share our website and social media, attend events and invite friends with you, invite us to speak to a group or gathering of people or bring family and friends for a tour of our beautiful facilities.


Life's Connection relies heavily on the generous service and commitment of volunteers. If you have a passion to help families of our community, please consider becoming a volunteer. There are many ways to share your talents with Life's Connection. To learn more about the volunteer opportunities, please call 262- 290-LIFE

We invite you to attend a fundraiser or host an event to benefit Life's Connection. If you would like to discuss ideas for an event or be a part of our mission advancement team  please contact  us at  262-470-3119.

As a nonprofit organization, Life's Connection relies on the support of individuals, families and local businesses and organizations. Our services are offered free of charge. Generous mission-oriented individuals, families, businesses and organizations make it possible to offer hope and healing to those in need in our community. Life's Connection is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible.  Tax ID #45 -3599266

In 2019, Life's Connection proudly supported 1,337 women who chose life for their babies.

We also facilitated 5 abortion reversals in which all were successful.

We are proud to announce that in our short history of the organization 5776 babies were saved from abortion at Life’s Connection!  And 99% of those we counseled chose LIFE for their unborn baby. 

For every $1000 gifted to the centers, six babies are saved!

To further support our moms and babies

please check out these registries.

Baby items can be purchased online and will be sent right to our centers directly from Amazon or Walmart

Each $50 donation will allow LC to purchase a car seat or Pack and Play for our educational classes. 

Quick glance of Baby items always needed:

Diapers - all sizes



Baby clothing until size 5

Diaper Bags

Bouncy seats

Baby Swings

Baby Carriers